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Why do young dudes like to date older single mothers?

Why do young dudes like to date older single mothers?

Fast answers:

  • Mothers are busy and confident, plus don’t need dedication like more youthful, solitary females
  • Young dudes feel a stud should they can intimately satisfy an adult girl
  • Mommy problems (often)

The trend happens to be fast and extreme: In the four years i am dating as a solitary mother, there’s been a high uptick in young dudes hunting for older solitary moms.

Go on it from me personally: all of a sudden they will have started initially to approach me personally online dating services. I am 39 and this business have been in their 20s. Opening lines consist of:

“I’m a Columbia Law pupil, therefore while i would be younger, i am obviously smart and ambitious. ”

“You seem like you are enjoyable. Would you like to show me one thing? ”

“Open to fun times with a new stud? ”

Along with completely thoughtful communications that remark about my profile, passions or pictures. The gamut. Me a cougar if I respond, does that make?

Little bit of back ground: all of the males i am a part of in my own life had been my age or older (within one instance, means, means older but we’ll elaborate on that in another post).

Why would an adult girl date a more youthful guy?

Twice within my belated 30s we dated more youthful males. ادامه‌ی خواندن